Ye Lin: Building a world-class intelligent composite equipment and application center

At the beginning of May, Ye Lin, academician of the Australian Institute of Technology Science and Engineering and Dean of the School of Aerospace Machinery and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sydney, personally unveiled the Wuxi Advanced Composites Collaborative Innovation Center, which kicked off his deep cooperation with Wuxi. As an expert in composite materials research, he has a unique perspective on China’s highlights and “pain points” in this field. He also has high hopes for his cooperation projects with Wuxi: “We hope to establish world-class intelligence in Jiangsu Province. Composite Equipment and Application Center!”

Ye Lin said that although composite materials are advanced materials, they have been more than half a century old. Foreign countries have been expanding the application of composite materials since the late 1960s, and now they are nearing maturity. Materials, especially new materials, are of epoch-making significance for human progress. There is a term in the material of the older generation of scientists called “generational material generation equipment.” Now is the fourth industrial revolution, new materials will certainly promote the great progress of the fourth industrial revolution, because the fourth industrial revolution is not a single technology push, but multi-faceted, multi-scale, materials will certainly start in this respect To the role it deserves. Carbon fiber composites have many advantages, ranging from aerospace to automotive, to rail transit, aerospace, marine and sports equipment. He said that Jiangsu Province is actually a province where high-tech industries are concentrated, and it is a good base for production, education, research and incubation of new composite materials manufacturing industries. Ye Lin told reporters that there is still a big gap between China and the international advanced level in the field of materials.

Ye Lin is full of confidence when it comes to projects that are working with Wuxi. He introduced that the advanced composite collaborative innovation center is now based on the University of Sydney’s Advanced Materials and Technology Center. The Center for Advanced Materials and Technology of the University of Sydney has been working in the field of composite materials for three or four years. Jiangnan University also has a key laboratory for advanced manufacturing equipment technology of Jiangsu Province (food), and also has a research center for robot engineering technology in Wuxi. “We hope Let’s start with the integration of talents in Wuxi and even the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Some of the companies we work with are also in Jiangsu Province.” Ye Lin said that he hopes to expand cooperation with world-class composite materials manufacturing and R&D centers. Extensive contact, eventually establishing a world-class intelligent composite equipment and application center in Jiangsu Province.

According to reports, Wuxi Advanced Composite Materials Collaborative Innovation Center is dedicated to the country’s major strategic and industry development needs, and is committed to the design, manufacture and application of advanced composite materials. It will rely on international and domestic innovation teams to create a world-class advanced composite materials collaborative innovation center. Promote and lead the development of the carbon fiber composite application industry in Jiangsu Province. Ye Lin revealed that the center currently has a project called “Intelligent Composite Materials and Applications”. The next step will be to integrate large domestic and international manufacturing companies and develop intelligent composite materials and applications in Jiangsu Province.