Xenia introduces two major series of carbon fiber and mixed carbon-glass fiber reinforced polyamide compounds

PA 4.6 is a high performance polyamide known for its unmatched performance and value for demanding applications where superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear and friction, and process quality are required.

Thanks to the structural reinforcement, the new XECARB 37 and XEBRID 37 have high tensile modulus, tensile strength at break of 275 MPa, improved HDT, good fatigue resistance, higher dimensional stability and better surface hardness.

In addition, the use of carbon fiber in the XECARB 37 series provides improved electrical performance and better resistance to UV and chemical agents such as oils and hydrocarbons.

With the development of the new XEBRID 37, a hybrid carbon-glass reinforced compound, the impact properties and toughness are improved, and high crystallinity and good fluidity are maintained at all times, which is a typical feature of polymer aliphatic molecular structures.

Designed for industrial applications, XECARB 37 and XEBRID 37 are used in a variety of structural and conductive applications and are characterized by high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and low friction.

Xenia is an Italian compound company that designs and manufactures innovative polymer-based materials for the most advanced and challenging industries.

The company is based in Vicenza, Italy, and has an engineering team that helps customers develop high-tech solutions through a research and development department dedicated to product innovation.