Vollebak launches a carbon fiber woven wear-resistant T-shirt

Vollebak introduced a T-shirt woven from more than 120 meters of carbon fiber, its atomic structure makes it stronger than steel. Although T-shirts are still soft, lightweight, breathable, highly elastic and highly hygroscopic, carbon fiber adds strength and abrasion resistance.

From graphene to ceramics to carbon fiber

Making elastic, smart and adaptable clothing means that Vollebak often redesigns materials that are used for something completely different. The company uses graphene, glass and bioluminescent materials to make jackets, they use a layered system made of ceramics, hoodies made of fire-resistant aramid fibers, and we design pants and vests that use materials that are designed to last longer than your life. long. Next, our journey is a shirt woven with carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is such a powerful atomic structure

A single carbon fiber is an ultra-fine material of about 0.005 mm long and consists almost entirely of carbon atoms. These atoms are bonded together to form microscopic crystals arranged in parallel with the crystal length. It makes the carbon fiber’s atomic structure similar to graphite and graphene – carbon atom sheets arranged in a regular hexagon. It is the arrangement of the atoms that makes the carbon fiber so large.

Carbon fiber consists of thousands of bundled single carbon filaments, and the coating protects the carbon fiber five times stronger than the steel. The carbon fiber lighter carbon fiber consists of thousands of bundled single carbon filaments and is protected by a coating. . These larger carbon fibers are classified according to the tensile force exerted by the fibers when they are not broken – called the tensile modulus. Although the tensile modulus of steel is about 29 million pounds per square inch (PSI), the carbon fiber range is about 3 to 14.5 billion PSI, which is 5 times stronger than steel.

Carbon fibers are often combined with other materials to make composite materials. This is why the classic image of carbon fiber is the black and gray check of the bicycle frame or super sports car. These carbon fibers are impregnated with a plastic resin and baked to form a carbon fiber reinforced polymer. If your T-shirt is made of it then it will be completely sturdy, so we did something different.

Weighs only 170 grams

How does the company add carbon fiber to the T-shirt

In addition to baking carbon fibers into other materials, carbon fibers can be woven into them to increase their strength. Because carbon fiber is thinner than human hair, it can only be used when thousands of these tiny fibers are twisted together to form a yarn. This yarn is woven into a T-shirt by the company. From the naked eye, carbon fiber looks like a series of single lines. But in reality, each is a string of thousands of carbon tows.

It provides hard core protection

Each carbon fiber T-shirt is embedded with more than 120 meters of carbon fiber strands. Although each carbon fiber strand is smooth and soft, each has the same strength as steel, helping to make the T-shirt highly wear resistant. The carbon fiber basically acts as a tearproof to save the user’s skin. Moreover, when it is woven into a T-shirt, these lines are not scraped or washed away.

Carbon fiber T-shirt embedded in carbon fiber line over 120 meters

Why wear resistance is important

Abrasion resistance is the ability of a garment to withstand friction and wear. Whether or not the customer drags the climbing rope to their shoulders, they will take off their bicycles on the downhill road, or their backpacks will move up and down on their backs for a long time, all of which are worn out.

Comparison of carbon fiber and ceramic

In 2017, Vollebak used ceramics to make a tough T-shirt – striped black ceramic T-shirt. Since then, it has been brought into the jungle, battlefields and active volcanoes. The idea of ​​a carbon fiber T-shirt is just to give it some competitiveness. Carbon fiber T-shirts are grey instead of black, so they should absorb less heat. It weighs about 10 grams. And where the ceramic is embedded in the surface of the T-shirt, the carbon fiber is woven into it.

It is both elastic and resilient. The more elastic fibers in a piece of clothing, the more elastic it is. The last thing the wearer wants when they pull any extreme or repetitive motion is the resistance from their kit. The carbon fiber T-shirt has a 4-way stretch because it is 36% elastic fiber, so it will be carried around, regardless of whether the wearer stretches, pulls or rotates. It is often difficult to make very tough and elastic things at the same time, but carbon fiber allows them to combine the properties of toughness and elastic bands.

Compared to traditional composite materials, carbon fiber T-shirts are manufactured in different ways, otherwise it will be completely sturdy, designed for unknown adventure sports and never predicted, so the company created a T-shirt that can be protected from all angles Wearers, not guess where they might need them. The entire surface area of ​​the T-shirt is wear resistant. Carbon fiber passes through it every square centimeter.

This breathable and lightweight Vollebak carbon fiber T-shirt is breathable and hydrophilic, which means it absorbs any sweat and quickly gets rid of it, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. Although the exterior is super-elastic, the bottom has a soft, silky feel that makes it easy to wear all day long, weighing only 170 grams.