The practitioner of automotive composites: Shuangyi Technology

Shuangyi Technology is based on the material molding process in the industry, research and development to enhance the added value of technology, adhere to the development model of molding process and research and development, actively respond to market changes, and maintain the vitality of enterprise development.

Since its establishment in 2000, Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of composite molding technology, and is proficient in various molding processes such as VARI, LRTM, P-DCPD and LFT-D. High quality development. In 2016, it successfully entered the automotive lightweight industry and became a long-term strategic partner of domestic brand vehicles.

Shandong Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shuangyi Technology”) was incorporated in 2000. Since its establishment, it has been based on independent innovation. Based on the concept of providing customers with excellent quality, it has successfully built the Great Hall of the People and Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base. Out of the composite model project, stand out in the same industry.

Since then, Shuangyi Technology has been steadily working in the thermal power composite materials market. Through its unremitting efforts, it has mastered the molding processes such as VARI and LRTM, successfully developed a series of composite materials such as thermal power ventilation equipment casings, and successfully manufactured the largest domestic product. The LRTM process air conditioner housing product has become a long-term supplier of Zhongtong Bus. Since then, Shuangyi Technology has ushered in the first rapid development period, and gradually become a leader in the composite materials industry as its strength continues to grow.

At the end of the day, the wind and the waves break through the waves. With a strong sense of mission, Shuangyi Technology actively integrates international standards, introduces advanced management systems, strengthens detail management, strengthens key technical research, and purchases Italian five-axis CNC CNC machining equipment, using three-dimensional reverse scanners. And a variety of modern testing tools, to create high-end research and development platforms such as academician workstations, and constantly improve the technological added value of products, and successfully developed a series of new energy composite materials such as wind turbine blade molds, wind turbine hatches, hubcaps and other independent intellectual property rights. The favor of domestic and foreign customers. At present, Shuangyi Technology has become a quality supplier of well-known brands in the wind power industry such as Vestas, Siemens Gemei and Goldwind.

Let me be brave, and strive for excellence. Shuangyi Technology adheres to the business philosophy of “following the market and paying attention to win-win”, continuously expands the business field, and takes the responsibility of the responsible and refined craftsmanship to consolidate the product quality and bring the value experience beyond the customer. It successfully holds Caterpillar, Well-known construction machinery companies such as Wirtgen.

Hundreds of crickets rushed through thousands of sails. In the fierce market competition, Shuangyi Technology firmly grasps the pulse of the times, continues to grow in the temper, and continues to develop in the course of change. In 2016, with the technical accumulation of many years and excellent technical team, Shuangyi Technology successfully passed the IATF16949 system standard and successfully obtained the tickets for the automotive industry and successfully entered the field of automotive lightweighting.

This field is completely different from the previous wind power field. It requires manufacturers to respond quickly to customer needs, providing high-volume, safe, environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, airtight, and flame-retardant high-volume molded parts. This is undoubtedly a comprehensive capability for enterprises. Comprehensive test. To this end, Shuangyi Technology has invested in the LFT-D automatic production line, introducing one each of 2500t and 4000t presses, and one extruder for one and two. The production process is highly intelligent and requires no manual intervention every 5 minutes. Can form a product. The 2.5mm battery case and other products produced by Shuangyi Technology meet the GB31467 flame retardancy and IP67 airtightness standards, which reduce the weight by more than 30% compared with the traditional SMC process products, effectively improving production efficiency and leading the technology level.

Ms. Yao Jianmei, the general manager of Shuangyi Technology, said that since the company entered the field of automotive lightweighting, it has become clearer that the development of lightweight composite materials for automobiles should proceed from the overall situation, accumulate technology and drive development with innovation; We will start to actively participate in the development of lightweight products with the current technology reserves, and continue to provide lightweight product solutions to promote the development and transformation of the automotive lightweight industry.

To this end, Shuangyi Technology has established research and development platforms such as Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Industrial Design Center, Provincial Non-Metal Mold Engineering Laboratory, Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center, and Shandong Provincial Academician Workstation. Nesting leads to Fengqi, and flowers bloom. Shuangyi Technology has successively carried out in-depth cooperation with Beijing Machine Science and Technology Innovation Institute, Shandong University of Technology and Tianjin University of Science and Technology, etc., through recruiting talents, leveraging win-win results, continuously increasing R&D investment and accelerating the transformation of innovation achievements. To enhance core competitiveness.

At the same time, Shuangyi Technology chose the new energy vehicle composite material batch application as a breakthrough, and actively tried the prepreg molding process and the wet molding process, which effectively reduced the cost, shortened the construction period, and laid the foundation for mass production. .

Shuangyi Technology is based on the material molding process in the industry, research and development to enhance the added value of technology, adhere to the development model of molding process and research and development, actively respond to market changes, and maintain the vitality of enterprise development.

On August 8, 2017, after Shuangyi Technology successfully listed on the Shenzhen GEM, it continued to improve the company’s basic management, further enhance the company’s value and influence, enhance the company’s development potential, and uphold the “not forgetting the heart and remembering the mission”. “The concept and style of the company will make the company bigger and stronger, in order to better return investors and better give back to the society.”