The longest in the world! New polyurethane wind turbine blades developed by Times New Materials

Recently, polyurethane wind turbine blades developed by Chongzhou Zhuzhou’s Times New Materials have been successfully delivered to Vision Energy, and are scheduled to be installed in July this year. The 121-type polyurethane wind turbine blade is 2.2 MW, weighs about 13.7 tons and is 59.5 meters long. It is the world’s longest new high-performance polyurethane wind turbine blade.

Developed in September 2017, this wind turbine blade is the world’s first innovative polyurethane wind turbine blade for mass production. In order to ensure stable operation of the blade in harsh environments, Times New Materials has passed the static test, fatigue test and six-month hang-up test in four directions of the blade in 2018.

Compared with traditional epoxy resin materials, the new polyurethane resin has better mechanical properties and fatigue resistance, faster curing speed, good processing performance, better interface with glass fiber and carbon fiber, and helps to improve production. Efficiency and reduced production costs. According to production statistics, the amount of perfusion of polyurethane resin is lower than that of epoxy resin, and the infusion curing efficiency is increased by 40%.

According to the World Wind Energy Association, China is the world’s largest wind power market. By the end of 2018, the cumulative installed capacity has reached 221 GW. Large wind turbine blades can carry larger wind turbines, and the wind power industry is increasingly demanding large wind turbine blades. The new polyurethane resin material is in line with the trend of large-scale and lightweight wind turbine blades in the world, providing more possibilities for blade design and will help promote clean energy development.

In recent years, Zhuzhou New Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd., represented by Times New Materials, is committed to promoting the large-scale and lightweight process of wind power blades, focusing on the innovation of new technologies, new materials and new processes in wind power blades, and continuously improving the level of intelligent manufacturing. He has accumulated rich experience in production and practice, and has made many reserves for the industrial and technological changes in the global wind power industry.