The first development conference of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute was held

On June 5th, the Nanjing Fiberglass Institute Development Conference was held in Nanjing with the theme of “Technology Leading, Innovation and Innovation”. Feng Jinwei, General Manager of China Aerospace Commercial Aviation Engine Co., Ltd., Tian Tiebing, Deputy General Manager of AVIC Composites Co., Ltd., Xie Wei, Assistant Director of Aerospace 703, Professor Li Junhua, Environmental Science College of Tsinghua University, and Wang Jian, Chief Engineer of Jiangsu Composite Materials Society Etc., as well as industry-related well-known enterprises, research institutes and other industries, from the international perspective, industrial innovation, future development and other dimensions, the new development of industry, new business models, strategic investment opportunities, etc. Deep reading and communication.

Guo Wei, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute, presided over the morning theme conference. He said that the main purpose of the Nanjing Fiberglass Institute Development Conference is to place scientific and technological innovation in a more important position, deepen the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, and condense the wisdom of all parties. The strength of all parties, combined with the reality of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute, accelerates the construction of “three major platforms” for industrial development, innovation incubation, and industry service, and further promotes the development of large membrane materials industry, strengthening the aerospace materials industry, making excellent innovation incubation platforms, and continuously exploring the industry. The business’s “three-to-one exploration” business strategy is struggling to become a “first-class institution with core competitiveness, important influence, and strong cohesiveness”.

Zhao Qian, Chairman of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute, made a keynote speech titled “Do Not Forget the Heart of the Heart, Keep the Mission In mind, Drive the High Quality Development of the Institute with Innovation”. I shared with you the development history of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute and its contribution to the development of China’s glass fiber industry and national defense. Summarized the innovation and development experience of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute: First, bear in mind the initial heart, not forget the mission of “safer country, more advanced industry, better life”; secondly, give full play to the comprehensive advantages of R&D, design, manufacturing and evaluation; It is innovation and development, advancing with the times, and the business structure is constantly adjusted and optimized with the development of the industry. Zhao Qian emphasized that Nanjing Fiberglass Institute will implement the five development concepts of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing” in the future, increase the business exploration of breadth and depth, and develop towards full-derivative business, while at the same time, from capital and industrial chain. The business model and other dimensions are strategically placed in advance. He hopes that by developing a platform for the conference, building bridges, breaking the circle, and helping the development of China’s new materials industry, a new era of dreams.

Feng Jinyu, general manager of China Aerospace Commercial Aviation Engine Co., Ltd. gave a speech on “The Development of Commercial Aviation Engines and Application of High Performance Fiber Composites”. Professor Li Junhua of Tsinghua University School of Environment, “Green Development of Building Materials Industry, Helping Blue Sky Defence War” report, Wang Jiaqing, Director of Quality Inspection Center of Nanjing Fiberglass Institute, “Reporting Industry Development with Standardization”, Haier Group’s Good Products Haizhi Industrial Service Consultant, Dong Haibin, a partner of Wuxi Ruicheng and Chuang Automation Co., Ltd., reported in “Big Data Application Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Manufacturing”.

In the afternoon, the forum links the main focus of the industry chain as the technical seminar theme, focusing on the ecological panorama of products and technologies in the field of high-performance fiber and filter paper. The guests will focus on the research status and future of new high-performance fiber preforms and new products. The development prospects and the “high-performance glass fiber filter paper research and development” two major topics, a constructive discussion.

The party and government leadership team, assistants, directors, leaders of relevant entities, scientific research backbones and first-line technical personnel representatives; representatives of the hospital innovation center; representatives of relevant functional departments of the hospital attended the meeting.