Ten billion investment in “China Aerospace Ruihuatai Polymer New Materials Project” started construction

On the morning of May 18, China Aerospace Ruihuatai Polymer New Materials Project officially started in Jiaxing Port Area. The project has a total investment of 11.5 billion yuan, including a photovoltaic material research and development headquarters and four industrial cluster projects, specializing in the production of advanced polymer polyimide film, photovoltaic materials and the current hot-selling graphene materials, focusing on the national electronic information industry, 5G. Communication technology, high-speed rail, large aircraft, new display technology, new generation nuclear energy, superconductivity and other projects.

It is understood that the project has independent technical capabilities, and is currently the focus of the development of the polyimide industry in the largest scale, the most complete supporting, the most complete product series, the most advanced design level, the most investment in the construction project, after the project is completed It will rank among the top three in the world. After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual output value will be more than 13 billion yuan, which will lay a solid foundation for the development of Jiaxing digital economy and advanced new materials and flexible photoelectric display industry to occupy the domestic highland.

Li Hongjun, president of China Aerospace International Holdings Co., Ltd. and chairman of Shenzhen Ruihuatai Thin Film Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company has chosen Jiaxing’s outstanding location advantages, excellent business environment and broad development prospects, and chose to settle in Jiaxing. He expressed his gratitude to the staff at all levels in Jiaxing Port Area for their efficiency and professionalism in the construction of the project. The reporter learned that the project was officially signed on January 25 this year to settle in Jiaxing Port Area; on March 19, the main company of the project was registered; on April 24, the first phase of construction land was completed and delisted. In less than 100 days, Jiaxing Port Area completed the preparatory work for the Ruihuatai project and ran out of the “port speed” of the project.

Dai Feng, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiaxing Port Area, said that the smooth start of the project not only marks that the cooperation between the port area and Shenzhen Ruihuatai has entered a substantive stage, but also has a milestone for the comprehensive cooperation between the port area and China Aerospace Science and Technology Group.