Teijin and AEV Robotics jointly develop lightweight solutions for next-generation vehicles

AEV Robotics modular vehicle system components use Teijin’s advanced materials such as polycarbonate resin, carbon fiber and aramid fiber, and composite technology.

AEV Robotics’ modular vehicle system uses Teijin’s advanced materials.

Source | Teijin

Teijin Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) announced that it has signed a joint development agreement with Australian venture capital firm AEV Robotics (AEV, Victoria, Australia) to create lightweight components and solutions for next-generation transportation.

These components will use Teijin’s advanced materials such as polycarbonate, carbon and aramid fibers, as well as composite technology from Teijin and its group companies, including Continental Structural Plastics (Auburn Hills, MI) for innovation Structural design. Teijin will also provide professional thermal management technology to optimize weight loss and insulation as well as sound absorption. Teijin will also apply its expertise to support the Kogakuin University solar team to participate in the world’s largest solar car race.

AEV’s modular vehicle system will serve as the basis for de facto standards for next-generation vehicles, meeting the “zero-emissions” goal set by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI, Tokyo, Japan). AEV also developed an electric vehicle platform and an automatic driving system to realize low-speed electric vehicles (LS-EV) for medical, logistics and industrial as well as traditional transportation.

Teijin will showcase AEV’s modular vehicle system at the 2019 Nagoya Auto Engineering Expo in Nagoya, Japan from July 17th to 19th.