Tecniplas exports composite tanks to Argentina

Tecniplas has just sent two reservoirs to Argentina. These tanks will be installed at Arauco’s pulp mill in Esperanza, Misiones.

With a height of 13.5 meters and a diameter of 4.5 meters, the larger tank is designed to store up to 200 cubic meters of chlorine dioxide at a pressure of -8 inches WG (vacuum).

Luís Gustavo Rossi, director of Tecniplas, explained:

“One of the differences is that polyurethane guarantees thermal insulation.”

The second reservoir, 11.3 meters high, 4 meters in diameter and 135 cubic meters in capacity, is used to store chlorine, chlorate solution and sodium hypochlorite at a temperature of 80 ° C and atmospheric pressure.

“It’s a construction project that envisages an internal slope of 2%, which allows the tank to be drained quickly and safely.”

Despite its large size, both are made in one piece and have a range of nozzles and accessories that make manufacturing more complicated. The tanks manufactured by Tecniplas provide data sheets and structural calculation memories capable of withstanding wind loads up to 45 m/s (162 km/h).

Rossi recalled that during the manufacture of the tank, Arauco conducted a series of inspections at the Tecniplas plant in Cabreuva, São Paulo.

“Our manufacturing process and quality system have been approved by Arauco without reservation. Arauco has approved our strategic supply as a plant in Argentina and Chile.” In the Chilean capital, the company owns Tecniplas equipment and has been operating continuously since 1990. .

In 2018, exports accounted for 22% of Tecniplas’ revenue. For this year, Rossi believes that because of the great projects that will happen in Latin America, the slices tend to be larger.

“Therefore, not only the pulp and paper industry, but also mining and chemicals should be considered.”