Stora Enso launches wood fiber biocomposite solutions for cosmetics, food and luxury packaging

With the help of DuraSense, customers who place high demands on aesthetics and tactile value can make their packaging more environmentally friendly.

Introducing DuraSense to a new customer base is another step in Stora Enso’s gradual replacement of fossil packaging materials with renewable solutions. DuraSense is a mixture of wood fibers and polymers that can be fossil, bio-based or regenerated. With DuraSense, Stora Enso offers customers a greener alternative to plastics while increasing sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. By mixing wood fibers and bio-based polymers, up to 98% of renewable components can be obtained, reducing reliance on limited fossil resources.

“Reducing the amount of plastics is important on our customers’ agendas, and they want to help replace non-renewable materials. With DuraSense, we now offer different biocomposite solutions for demanding customers in the premium cosmetics, food and luxury sectors. Bottle caps and stoppers, for example, have very high standards in terms of aesthetics and quality, says Hannu Kasurinen, senior vice president of liquid packaging and cartons. Stora Enso’s board of directors.

DuraSense is an alternative to cost and resources that reduces the environmental impact of your products. Little or no change has been made to existing production techniques, and biocomposites have been developed to match traditional plastics and are therefore suitable for existing molds.

“Using wood-based biocomposites, the consumption of plastic materials can be reduced by up to 50%, ensuring that plastics are used in the environment. DuraSense can also be reused as a material up to seven times, recycled with plastic materials or Used for energy recovery at the end of its useful life, says Lars Axrup, head of Stora Enso’s Sustainable Packaging Components business.

Stora Enso began commercial production of biocomposites in 2018 and has the largest wood fiber composite production capacity in Europe. DuraSense’s raw materials come from a sustainablely managed Nordic forest and are covered by a third-party certified chain of custody system.