How to install FRP roofing sheets?

Roofing sheets require a lap joint once it’s over 12 meters, otherwise, it doesn’t, and the lap joint doesn’t need a side closing, when it’s lengthways, it depends on the type of sheet.

For normal profiled steel sheet, there’s no need to do side closing, just fasten it to roofing sheet with self-tapping screws, and coat them with sealant, while biteplate needs to close sides. FRP roofing sheet’s lengthways lap joint should be somewhere around wingceltis bar.

The normal classification of FRP roofing sheet includes Economy type, Weather Resistance type, Thermal insulation type, Flame Retardant type and Anti-corrosion type. As for the regular size of roofing sheet, they are type 475, 750, 760, 820, 840, 900, 950, 980 and sheets with 1m-1.2 m width, all add up to more than 100 types.