Panorama Cycles launches new bikes with Xantu.Layr technology

Panorama Cycles is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer that specializes in country riders – those who like gravel, snow and off-road tracks.

When considering the environment in which their bicycles operate, they did not hesitate to leave the steel frame bicycle. The hesitation of the effects of invisible composite damage and ultimately damage is very common.

The challenge is how does Panorama persuade the most conservative and purest riders (reading people dedicated to steel here) to try a composite framework?

Composite bikes have many advantages over steel bikes – lightweight, sturdy, performance and comfortable. With this in mind, Panorama combines a super-strong composite called Zylon with a staggered Xantu.Layr nanofiber veil to create a composite frame that can withstand greater impact.

The result is Katadin. This incredible new composite frame bike takes the durability to a new level thanks to the combination of Zylon and Xantu.Layr.

In addition, the curved surface of this bicycle has become a model for the very talented duo of Vancouver artist Pellvetica. They sign the vision of the frame, giving the soul this amazing product.

The 2×11 SRAM Rival group, the WTB i23 wheel, the Ritchey Venture Max handlebar and a large number of frames and front fork brackets are suitable for short or long periods of time, making Katahdin versatile.