Project Description

Latest FRP roofing sheet making machine

FRP transversely corrugated sheet making machine

Sheet effective width is selectable:



3.Sheet thickness:0.8mm-2.0mm

4.Production speed:1 m – 3 m / min

5.Accumulated installed power:100 kw

6.Installation size:Length:40-50m,Width:3-5m


1. The intelligent control system of PLC and dual touch screens makes the production line easier to operate and the operators can complete the production independently after training;

2. Intelligent temperature control system, precise temperature control of equipment, lower equipment energy consumption and increase production efficiency and product quality;

3. The automatic frequency adjustment of the cutting machine is synchronized with the production line, and the local fiber reinforcement of the plate is made according to the production needs;

4. Stable transverse cutting control, high precision of synchronous cutting, low cutting noise, closed dust collection;

5. The production line adopts national standard steel, national standard cable, and the equipment quality is guaranteed;

6. The production line is reserved for upgrading the interface, and additional auxiliary upgrade equipment can be added at any time according to production needs.

Technical services: professional technical team, perfect service system, full service to equipment users.