Project Description

FRP panels can be used as wall panels, they are very strong and durable, are highly resistant to corrossion and easy to clean.

Fiberglass/ Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is composed of thermosetting plastics and reinforced fiberglass, whick is greater than steel and aluminum products in specific tenacity.
FRP/GRP panels in ultra low or high temperature will not have brittle fracture or deformation, and able to prevent heat transfer. they also have below featuers: anti-aging, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance,and they are very easy to clean. Making them ideal replacements for aluminum, stainless steel plates, tiles and so on.


Sandwich panels, refrigerator car, decorative panels, truck box bodies, wagon panels, dry van panels, container panels, trailer panels, outdoor vacation panels, food processing plants, cold storage, brewing beer plants, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, hospitals, chemical plants, public bathhouses, toilets, warehouses, supermarkets, pleasure ground, schools, car washing and yachts. They are suitable for versatile indoor applications and also suitable for outdoor use without varnishing.