Project Description

Rain gutter making machine

Rain Gutter Making Machine

Installation Size : 50/65*2/3*3.5 m (L*W*H)

Production Range :special shaped sheet,gutter and special shaped corrosion resistant sheet of different colors.

Installed Power: 80kw-120kw

Required Power : 60-90 kw

Production Efficiency :2-6m/min

Sheet Thickness :2.0-5.0 mm

Materials: unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass chopped strand mat,glass fiber roving,BOPET film,pigment,curing agent and accelerator.

Applications :Roof drainage, irrigation, and other special purpose products,etc.


1. The infiltration platform is divided into sub-zones with independent temperature control and accurate temperature control. It can better meet the production needs, and the infiltration speed is fast, which effectively improves the production efficiency.

2. No pulse measurement system, accurate measurement, supply flow adjustment range is wide, you can add powder filler;

3. The intelligent control system of PLC and dual touch screens makes the production line easier to operate. The operators can complete the production independently after training.

4. Three-stage sink molding cabinet, intelligent temperature control system, accurate temperature control of the equipment, and reduced equipment energy Consumption and increase production efficiency and product quality;

5. The automatic frequency adjustment of the cutting machine is synchronized with the production line, and the local fiber reinforcement of the plate is made according to the production needs;

6. Stable transverse cutting control, high precision of synchronous cutting, low cutting noise, and closed dust collection;

7. The production line adopts national standard steel, national standard cable, and the equipment quality is guaranteed;