Project Description

trailer panel making machine

FRP Gel Coat Flat Panel Making Machine

Installation Size: 50-80*2/4*3.5m (L*W*H)
Production Range: FRP gel coat flat panel, embossed panel and decorative panel in different colors.
Installed power: 100kw-160kw
Required Power: 40-80 kw
Production Efficiency: 2-6 m/min
Sheet width: 1000-3000 mm
Gel coat thickness: 0.2-1.0mm
Sheet thickness: 0.6-5.0 mm
Automatically controlled, easy to operate.
Materials: Gel coat, unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass chopped strand mat, glass fiber roving, BOPET film, pigment, curing agent and accelerator, color paste.
Application: Truck, touring car, travel car, container, refrigerator, wall decoration board, ceiling board or other special purpose products.

Our machine is highly automatic, with limited works, this machine will run smoothly, and by inputting the cutting length on the touch screen,the cutter will cut panels into wanted length automatically and keep counting at the same time.
The cutter will return to stand-by position when the cutting task is done.

There will be 5 control cabinets in our machine, they are sprayed with plastic and equipped with cooling device,designed to provide a stable working condition.

Furthermore, digital control system is based on Ethernet system,which is very easy to upgrade.