Project Description

Embossed PET film, decoration film with patterns

Description of Embossed PET Film
• With diamond diffusion pattern punched on the film/sheet, eliminate hot spots in growing room by spreading/reflecting light more evenly.
• 100% light tight, waterproof and heat insulating.
• Extremely reflective to make the best use of your lighting by reflecting unused light onto your plants.
• Anti-corrosion,anti-wear and anti-crease.
• Durable, puncture and tear resistant.
• Standard in 2.5 μm and 3.5μm Thickness.


1). Dust-proof workshop
2). Stable adhesion capacity
3). Easy stick and tear off
4). Leaving no residue glue or trace on the target surfaces
5). Printability: able to print logo/text in 1~3colours on the surface of plastic protective film
6). Adhesion and base plate formula extractly match actual demand completely.
7). Produce pressure sensitive adhesive ourselves, has quality control and cost advantage.
8). Demand to add additiona uvioresistant resistance as available .