Kaman Composites was named “Best New Supplier” by Rolls-Royce

Kaman Composites – Vermont Inc. was named “Best New Supplier of 2018” for its work on Rolls Royce compressor components and composite components.

Source | Kaman Composites

Kaman Composites – Vermont (KCV; Bennington, Vt., US) is a division of Kaman Airlines under Kaman Airlines, announcing that it has been recognized as the “Best New Product” by Rolls Royce (British derby) 2018. Rolls-Royce selected KCV to withdraw from its global supply base in recognition of its support for Rolls-Royce performance on various compressor components and composite components.

“This award is an honour and reflects the establishment of an effective client-supplier relationship between Rolls-Royce and Kaman in Vermont: Rolls-Royce and Kaman’s hardworking men and women have worked together to promote Alexander Gamble, general manager of Kaman Composites-Vermont, said that while adhering to the timetable requirements of our plan, we are also striving to make world-class efforts.

“KCV continues to provide complex composite structures that meet the high standards of its aerospace customers. This recognition underscores the partnership between the KCV team and Rolls-Royce, and we look forward to continuing to meet their needs in the future, “Cards Rick Barnhardt, president of the Manchester Airlines Group, said.