Jilin Chemical Fiber 48K Large Tow Carbon Fiber Raw Silk Goes Out of the Country

Recently, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group completed the first batch of export orders for 120 tons of 48K large tow carbon fiber raw silk, which was fully recognized by customers. This is the first batch of domestic 48K large tow carbon fiber raw silk.

In July 2017, the Jilin Chemical Fiber R&D team began researching 48K large tow carbon fiber precursors. The company draws on the experience of 24K raw silk production, implements the transformation of the raw liquid process, and upgrades the key equipment technology. After one year, in July 2018, the polymerization and spinning technology of 48K carbon fiber raw silk was successfully developed, and a kiloton-grade 48K carbon fiber raw silk technology package was formed, and 48K carbon fiber raw yarn was produced. From the launch of the product to the stable quality, the research and development team of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group has overcome the difficulties of difficult linear density control, uneven washing effect and unstable strength of raw silk.

After the 48K original silk was introduced, the first time to the Jilin Jinggong carbonization production line for oxidation and carbonization tests, the upstream and downstream joint research, from small test, pilot test to batch carbonization, repeated adjustment and verification, finally achieved 100 bundles on August 17, 2018. The 48K carbon fiber precursor passed through carbonization. After testing, the tensile strength of 48K carbon fiber reached 4000MPa, the tensile modulus reached 240GPa, and the interlaminar shear strength reached 60MPa. At this point, Jilin Chemical Fiber has produced the first batch of 48K large tow carbon fiber in China.

In order to smoothly put 48K carbon fiber raw silk into the international market and enhance the competitiveness of the company, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group continuously optimized the spinning process formula and improved the equipment status, so that the indicators of 48K raw silk continued to improve. After the small trial production samples were sent to foreign customers, in January 2019, the first batch of 120 tons of export orders were received.

At present, the customer feedback product carbonation passability and quality indicators fully meet the production needs, and said that it will sign the next batch of orders with Jilin Chemical Fiber, which also marks the successful entry of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group’s 48 large tow carbon fiber precursor into the international market.