ITMA 2019 visitors pay close attention to CAFT production of natural fiber mats

CAFT can produce a variety of products. ©Advance Nonwoven

Advance Nonwoven of Roende, Denmark, reported on the recent interest in the production of natural fiber mats for its CAFT network forming machines at the recent ITMA show in Barcelona.

“We are very pleased with the interest of our ITMA 2019 visitors in our technology,” said Chief Operating Officer Fleming Werk. “Our network forming technology may be a missing link to drive more sustainable products. CAFT coil forming machines can handle very short and long fibers, mixing them and forming a uniform mat, while using more than competing technologies Air and less bico fiber.”

The raw materials can be natural fibers, from fiber crops or residues from agricultural production, or from waste debris or recycled materials. Possible materials include hemp, flax, pineapple, cotton, peat moss, flaxseed and recycled paper, textiles, glass and carpet.

CAFT can produce a wide range of products, from tissue-like textures to advanced structures, from low-density to high-density combinations. The use of the company’s Spray-Dry-In-Line system to process fibers also ensures the addition of functionality to nonwoven fabrics, including flame retardancy, alternating hydrophobic or hydrophilic, antimicrobial, dust-proof bonding and various coating.

In addition to composite reinforcements, end uses include insulation for buildings and machinery, growth media for cultivated plants, oil absorbing pads and building panels. Other possibilities include furniture upholstery and packaging as well as filtration products.