Is the carbon fiber interior good?

This year, Taobao has a lot of carbon fiber interiors and decorations, generally the following ones, one is water transfer printing, one is epoxy resin plus carbon fiber cloth, and the worse is carbon fiber stickers.

Basically about 100,000 cars will not give you real carbon fiber interiors.

The basic principle of water transfer is the appearance of goods, no different from carbon fiber stickers. The epoxy resin carbon fiber cloth paste inherits the characteristics of carbon fiber in terms of wear resistance, strength and gloss, but the weight is added on the original, and there is no possibility of weight reduction.

What is water transfer?

The water transfer printing technology is a type of printing in which a transfer paper/plastic film with a color pattern is subjected to macromolecular hydrolysis by water pressure. Can be made into wood grain, carbon fiber grain.

Epoxy resin carbon fiber cloth

The original vehicle parts are completely impregnated with transparent epoxy resin and carbon fiber cloth to achieve the performance, high temperature resistance, high strength, light weight and beautiful appearance.

The difference between carbon fiber stickers or water transfer:

The surface is transparent epoxy resin, so the gloss is very good, the inside is carbon fiber cloth, the strength is high, the key stroke will not break, the corrosion resistance, the long time is not deformed, the sticker is simply the color paper with carbon fiber pattern, the back It is 3M glue. It has a long time edge foaming, no gloss and dark color. If it is a water transfer, it will be covered with a transparent epoxy resin to increase the gloss, but the strength is basically gone.