Huntsman launches high performance adhesive and composite systems for the aerospace market

Huntsman Performance Materials (Woodlands, TX) recently introduced two new edge void fillers and two acrylate structural adhesives for the aerospace market.

EPOCAST 1648 and EPOCAST 1649-1 are edge void fillers for aircraft interior construction. Both products are reported to have low density, fast cure characteristics and meet flammability, fuming and toxicity (FST) requirements. Applications include insert potting, trench potting, edge filling and honeycomb reinforcement. Both new products can help reduce weight, which in turn increases productivity and increases production.

EPOCAST 1648 provides up to 7,250 psi (49.9 MPa) compressive strength for high load applications, while EPOCAST 1649-1 has an easy to use mixing ratio and a 12 month shelf life.

Huntsman also recently introduced a new line of acrylates for extreme conditions. ARALDITE 2050 and ARALDITE 2051 structural adhesives are said to accelerate the bonding operation at sub-zero temperatures and under brine or high humidity conditions.

ARALDITE 2050 is a fast curing two component acrylate. It accelerates structural bonding of thermoplastics, composites and metals at temperatures from -20 to 25 ° C (-4 to 77 ° F) without additional heating. ARALDITE 2051 provides high toughness and vibration, shock and dynamic load performance from 0 to 40 ° C (32 to 104 ° F) without additional heating. Both adhesives are said to require little surface treatment and provide maximum adhesion, ageing or weatherability on different substrates.