Huachang Polymer MERICAN 9505 resin landed in Southeast Asia

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, oil spills from underground oil storage tanks at gas stations have gradually attracted the attention of governments in Southeast Asia. Huachang Company actively implements the national “One Belt and One Road” initiative, and has opened a new journey of cooperation with LUXCHEM of Malaysia to provide fast and efficient products and technical services for the two-stage tank manufacturers in Southeast Asia.

In the first half of 2019, Huachang Company authorized LUXCHEM (KL Kuala Lumpur listed company, stock code: 5143). The Melica N 9505 resin produced by the Malacca factory has successfully passed the Southeast Asian customer certification, forming a bulk order and serving many world-renowned double-layer tank technology providers. Authorized factory.

In January 2019, the deputy general manager of Huachang Company Wang Xiaodong led the technical team to the LUXCHEM Malacca factory for on-site production guidance, and successfully realized mass production.

In June 2014, Huachang Company and LUXCHEM signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement for MFE vinyl ester resin technology brand and marketing. The two sides reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation and utilized local existing equipment. Huachang Company provided resin production technology and process formula. At the same time, the brand is authorized to realize the localized production of MFE series vinyl ester resin.

LUXCHEM Malaysia is the only publicly listed public company of unsaturated polyester resin in Southeast Asia. In 2018, it achieved 1000 tons of MFE vinyl resin sales and occupied 80% market share.

East China University of Science and Technology Huachang Polymer Co., Ltd., as a globally competitive corrosion-resistant resin manufacturer, successfully developed the MERICAN 9505 double-layer tank special resin since 2015, successfully passed the US UL1316 and UL1746 certification, and the 2018 MERICAN 9505 sales. The amount of SF and FF double-layer oil storage tanks made by MERICAN 9505 resin has exceeded 10,000 tons, and it has been successfully applied to double-layer oil tanks of gas stations such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC.