Haydale presents its graphene reinforced composite tool and automotive body panel

Haydale, a global advanced materials group, announced that its graphene-reinforced prepreg has been incorporated into the new BAC Mono R composite molds and automotive body panels and made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) partnered with Haydale and Pentaxia to create a lightweight BAC Mono R fuselage using Haydale’s graphene reinforced carbon composite.

Use Haydale’s graphene reinforcement tool materials to form parts. The result of the process of making the body part is a complete visualization of the carbon material, which can be painted or painted as desired. Graphene-enhanced tool materials offer the potential to significantly improve the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), a key issue in the use of metal tools, a need for superior quality and higher dimensional stability, and a potential tool to increase their lifetime.

Haydale CEO Keith Broadbent commented:

“In the development of the project, Haydale improved the supply chain while enabling BAC to improve the performance of the material. Although this result is mainly concentrated in the automotive industry, the knowledge and improvements provided provide tools for multiple markets. A wider range of opportunities, especially in the presence of throughput limitations.

Ian Briggs, Design Director of Briggs Automotive Company, added:

“BAC is always an innovator, and being able to release a new car that is fully integrated with graphene is just another example of how we can push the boundaries. Niche car manufacturers are playing a vital role in the automotive industry and become a mass-market production technology. Stepping Stones – After our great success with Haydale and Pentaxia’s R&D projects, Mono R is likely to be a stepping stone body panel and tool for graphene reinforced composites that will cover the wider automotive industry in the near future.”