Gordon Murray Automotive designs composite supercar

Gordon Murray Automotive (Surrey, UK) is a sister company of vehicle design and engineering firm Gordon Murray Design, which has announced details of its first model, the T.50 supercar. As the successor to the Murray-designed McLaren F1, the T.50 features a carbon-fibre composite chassis and body design that is said to be the lightest supercar.

The full production and customer delivery of T.50 is scheduled for early 2022. Engineering planning performed by Gordon Murray Design and internal and external styling of the new car. It will be produced by Gordon Murray Automotive at its new plant in Surrey, England. The main components will be custom and UK purchases, including powertrain, body and chassis.

The company says the key to producing the world’s lightest, most driver-centric supercar is the use of advanced carbon fiber engineering and the deadly factor of reducing the weight of each component. “This is the key to achieving enhanced performance and power, and refocusing the supercar on the driver and driving pleasure,” said Gordon Murray CBE, chairman of Gordon Murray Group.

The entire T.50 design incorporates composite materials, including chassis made of hand-sandwich carbon fiber monocoils, carbon fiber composite body panels and carbon ceramic brakes.

According to reports, the T.50 super sports car weighs 980 kilograms, about one-third lighter than ordinary super sports cars. The external proportions are also very compact – less than the length of the Porsche 911 is only 4,380 mm long and 1,850 mm wide – to optimize handling while still allowing space to comfortably accommodate three passengers and luggage.