Glotech Industrial Corp completes LPG composite bottle certification to accelerate the energy market

Glotech Industrial Corp cooperates with its subsidiary, Deyu Composites, to focus on the LPG Composite Cylinder. After years of independent research and development, it acquired ISO11119-3 issued by TÜV Rheinland in early 2019. ADR/RID (TPED): EN12245, EN14427 and many other international certifications, officially entered the world-class composite pressure vessel manufacturers.

Glotech Industrial Corp is made of glass fiber and resin. It has various airtight design patents and reaches a high pressure level of nearly 150 bar. Compared with traditional metal containers (mainly steel cylinders), Glotech Industrial Corp has many advantages: The pressure does not blast, second, the bottle body does not rust for life, the maintenance cost is low, three, light weight loss is about 50%, four, semi-transparent can observe the liquid level at any time, five, ergonomic wheel seat design, can Immediately solve the problem that the existing metal storage tank material is easy to cause the gas explosion hazard and the container is too heavy and the load is too heavy. Under the awareness of improving safety and quality of life in today’s society, it is highly expected and concerned by the energy industry.

Glotech Industrial Corp attaches great importance to product quality, has a highly automated and low-energy manufacturing capability, and a high-reliability inspection system that meets international standards, ensuring product quality. In this way, in June 2019, it was officially recognized, and the mass production and sales of 16KG (40L) specification composite bottles were started. The business of each country was launched at the same time. 5KG (12.5L) and 20KG (48L) specifications will be introduced in the near future. The market has more yuan solutions.

With the development of four-type composite bottles, Glotech Industrial Corp will expand the development of fuel containers for automotive and aviation hydrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG), and has successfully prototyped 350bar prototype bottles. 700bar composite bottles, looking forward to pioneering technology and thinking to create business opportunities, accelerate the continued progress of the energy industry.