FRP roofing sheets are mainly composed of high-performance coating, reinforced polyester and glass fiber mostly used as roofing material in construction.

It can be seen that the raw materials of the roofing sheets are composed of high-quality resin + high-performance coating + high-quality glass fiber. The composition of these raw materials is refined by petroleum so FRP roofing sheets are taken as flammable materials.

Although FRP roofing sheets is made from flammable material, It has been processed by the professional technique and machines. It does not generate droplets if caught by fire. Normally most of the casualties on the fire on are caused by the poisonous smoke. When a FRP roofing sheets is exposed to a fire, it will burn with the fire and form a smoke exhaust pore, which will help in quickly and effectively discharging toxic and dense smoke in case of fire. FRP roofing sheets can be helpful reducing the number of casualties in case of fire.

The FRP roofing sheets is a thermo-setting material, and there is no melting drips while burning, so you don’t have to worry that the fire will expand. the fire stations suggests that the lighting area of the roof should not be less than 8%. The roofing sheets must be flammable, and there should not be melting drips after the roofing sheets burns.

With the maturity and progress of FRP roofing sheets production technology, the new flame-resistant FRP roofing sheets are developed now is also widely used . The flame resistant FRP roofing sheets is mainly used in steel making plants and high temperature blast furnaces, fire spots or special places with flame resistance is required.

The flame resistant series FRP roofing sheets currently produced are divided into two different levels of primary flame resistant (oxygen index ≥30) and secondary flame resistant (oxygen index ≥26).

Compared to ordinary FRP roofing sheets, the flame resistant FRP roofing sheets have a slightly poorer aging resistance and yellowing resistance due to the presence of flame resistant components in the resin material. After testing, for five years, the primary flame resistant FRP roofing sheets will show signs of yellowing, and the secondary flame resistant FRP roofing sheets will show a slight yellowing (secondary flame resistant sheets yellows more easily than primary flame resistant sheets). Followed by the passage of time, the yellowing will become more prominent.

The flame resistant FRP roofing sheets turns yellow more easily than the general FRP roofing sheets, but it does not affect the quality yet, but the light transparency will decrease with the aging of the sheets.  The yellowing does not represent the end of the life of the FRP roofing sheets. The mechanical properties such as the mechanical strength of the roofing sheets are basically unchanged, and can still meet its application needs, so no need to worry. The professional FRP roofing sheets manufacturer Tian Tuo’s roofing sheets are guaranteed after sale. If you have any questions, please contact us.