FRP roofing sheet function

1.Favorable Natural Lighting: FRP roofing sheet will improve lighting for deep-plan buildings obviously, even the simplest flat plate roofing sheet can increase the indoor illumination of where is 4-9 meters far from the inside window, and improve the uniformity of lighting for the entire room. The effect is more obvious when natural light is weak at early morning and nightfal, and when the solar elevation angle is high in summer. Compared to normal buildings, these with roofing sheets will have a better lighting and a higher utilization rate of natural light.
2.Reduce energy consumption and increase comfort level. The Opening is small on the above windows, which will not increase load for air conditioner badly; When light come through roofing sheet to the big opening on the lower window, the roofing sheet is actually an external sunshade. We can see from simulated more obvious when optimized roofing sheet is used.