Our entrepreneur analyzed the market of FRP composite material(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) according to its great development potential. After our company considered the gap between our nation and developed countries about the quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic goods and degree of mechanization,we decided to contribute ourselves to research and develop composite equipment, to improve the quality of FRP goods and the degree of mechanization in our domestic. Unlike other companies, we focus on improving product quality and technology, using professional planners and superior coating technology. Efficiency is the power that keeps us marching, quality is the key that keeps us alive.

ECO and energy-saving building materials are getting accepted by more and more users over the years, FRP products have the advantages of anti-corrosion, aging resistance, shock resistance, high light transmittance, beautiful forming and less cost.  They are now being used as ECO building materials in plants for both industry and civil use, also for lighting greenhouses, gyms, business buildings, steel structures and shopping malls.