Eviation partner of all-electric composite aircraft structure – Carboman

The Carboman Group will showcase the carbon fiber composite fuselage for Aviation’s all-electric regional aircraft Alice at the Paris Air Show in 2019.

Carboman Group (Carboman; Wana, France) announced that it will work with Aviation Aircraft, the global manufacturer of electric air mobile solutions, to develop Alice, the all-electric aircraft structure that will debut at the Paris Air Show in 2019.

Carboman Group’s Multiplast will showcase Alice’s new carbon fiber composite fuselage. Carboman said the goal is to create the lightest carbon fiber composite fuselage, providing 650 miles of cost-effective aircraft while using sustainable low-noise and zero-emission electric propulsion systems.

Carboman’s Decision SA previously built the carbon fiber composite structure of the Solar Impulse aircraft HB-SIA and HB-SIB, and will also introduce components for several new mobile projects. These autonomous driving and pilot-operated electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) processes are an important part of the group’s future strategy.

At the show, Carboman said it will also showcase composite parts for the new mobile flight solution and announce the expansion of its latest aerospace customers in the aerospace industry. As a group, Carboman will also announce plans to expand its aerospace tools and parts production infrastructure.

Brittany-based composite mold specialist SNE-SMM joined the group at the end of 2017. Now fully integrated into the Carboman series, SMM’s 5-axis CNC equipment includes a 46m x 10m x 5m CMS machine and a 35-person team that provides molds from very large prototype molds to high temperature composite tools for batch produce.

In addition, Decision SA will add a new aerospace-certified 2.2 m x 6 m 250 ° C 10 bar autoclave at its Ecublens plant to expand the size of structural components that its aerospace customers can produce.

“Our Carboman mission has been to develop building methods for tomorrow’s composite structures, and we are excited to be able to carry out so many aerospace projects. Carboman Group CEO Dominique Dubois says Carboman will be the highest technical standard with an ultra-efficient European foundation. The combination of facilities and quality standards perfectly complements the next generation of high performance carbon fiber aircraft structures and components.

“We are pleased to welcome Carboman, a leading developer of composite structures, dedicated to supporting the global ecosystem of our world-class partners as we bring Alice, the first all-electric zero-emission aircraft, to market,” Omer said. Bar-Yohay, CEO of Evolution. “Our goal is to change the way people behave. Together with Carboman, we offer more than just an environmentally friendly, affordable way to travel – we are designing a new era of air mobility.”