European companies raise objections to the EU on anti-dumping investigations on fiberglass

Recently, the European Fiberglass Manufacturers Association (APFE) filed an application with the European Union to launch an anti-dumping investigation against fiberglass originating in Egypt and Bahrain. To this end, the British GRP company and the Jushi Group joined several European import traders and glass fiber end users to raise objections.

GRP believes that it is necessary for the EU to hear the voices of fiberglass end users in European countries such as the UK and let them understand the impact of anti-dumping duties on the business of these companies. The composites industry has more than 40,000 employees in the UK, erecting trade barriers and blocking free trade with countries such as Egypt will only cause unnecessary harm to both sides.

According to EU regulations, the deadline for submitting comments is June 11, 2019.

Brian Harpur, general manager of GRP, said: “In 2011, the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation against glass fiber products produced in China, which led to a sharp rise in the price of glass fiber, which brought huge cost pressure to glass fiber users in the EU. In view of this, we should also confess to the EU, because silence means neglect.”

The Jushi Group said: “We are deeply shocked by the decision made by the EU, but we will continue to actively cooperate with the investigation. We are optimistic about the results of the survey. Jushi Group has been strictly abiding by the laws and regulations of the EU. The price advantage is entirely due to its continuous R&D investment in glass fiber production technology. We are willing to share these cost dividends with customers to achieve mutual growth. In the face of unfair trade barriers, we will follow the principle of fair trade. Actively maintain the interests of customers and Jushi Group, continue to provide products with market competitiveness, and ensure the stable operation of the supply chain. We hope that everyone can continue to maintain trust in Jushi Group.”