Diversified composites manufacturer BFG Africa opens new plant

BFG Africa’s new facility will drive the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly composite fiberglass in Africa.

The composites manufacturing facility owned by BFG Africa (Jermiston, South Africa) opened a new composites manufacturing facility in Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa. The 9,500 m2 plant is considered to be its first in South Africa, producing materials for fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) for the entire infrastructure, mining, automotive, transportation and construction industries.

BFG Africa is a pan-African subsidiary of BFG International, one of the world’s largest and oldest diversified composites manufacturers. BFG Africa is owned by most blacks, 51% of which was acquired by the Mergence Group in June 2018. The Mergence Group is a diversified financial services group founded in 2014.

Mergence Managing Director Masimo Magerman said, “We are pleased to provide BFG International with local partners to help them gain more opportunities in the composites sector. Our goal is to create jobs and skills development and develop in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Black businessman.”

Dr. Samer Aljishi, President of BFG International Group added: “There are currently 27 people employed in BFG Africa, 18 of whom have received extensive training in Bahrain. The company is ready to benefit from transportation infrastructure and vehicles (interior and cladding) Renewable energy projects (composite-based wind turbines) and the launch of automotive projects.”

As an initial contract with the Gibela Rail Transport Alliance, BFG Africa will be in a fleet of 600 commuter trains that will be supplied to the Passenger Railways Authority of SA (Prasa) within 10 years. The first delivery of the project was completed in May 2019.

BFG Africa is also committed to providing affordable emergency housing solutions that can be transported to and from the disaster area within hours.

Arshad Gove, Managing Director of BFG Africa, Africa, said: “The plant is considered to be one of the best in its class in the world, with state-of-the-art equipment, including several professional presses. Manufacturing processes include tools, open contact Molding, resin transfer molding, coating, SMC material production, SMC press forming, vacuum infusion, assembly and product integration.

“Composite fiberglass has replaced traditional materials in locomotives, construction and professional applications,” Grove said. “Composite fiberglass as a future material has an imprint in many developed countries, and we are excited to be able to lead this advanced material through the use of African applications in construction, railway and transportation, wind energy, housing and many other areas.”