Daher Announces Acquisition of KVE Composites Group

Daher continued to implement its corporate strategic plan and consolidated its position in the thermoplastic structural components market through the acquisition of KVE Composites.

Aircraft manufacturers and industrial equipment and service provider Daher are advancing the successful strategic plan for 2018-2022, which revolves around three priorities: greater added value, accelerated growth in North America, and positioning itself as an innovation and digital benchmark. All business units.

As part of this goal, Daher announced the acquisition of KVE Composites, a Dutch company specializing in the design, manufacture and assembly of high performance thermoplastic composite components.

Daher CEO Didier Kayat said:

“Our 2018-2022 strategic plan continues to be implemented throughout the program, and the group is expected to capture the value generated by its priority programs. Combining our capital investment plans and long-term vision, our team’s commitment, innovative expertise and energy make me Full of confidence in Daher’s continued development.”

The added value added by Daher products and services is clearly visible:

Launch of TBM 940 with the latest technology and connectivity innovation

The acquisition of KVE Composites Group enables the Group to prepare for the technological revolution of future aircraft projects by reducing weight, saving costs and improving the recyclability of structural components.

With its experience in US aircraft manufacturers and existing sales offices, Daher continues to expand in North America, including new contracts for Airbus, Pratt & Wittney Canada and Bombardier.

Innovations in intelligent manufacturing and logistics have earned Daher a big data award and the opportunity to work with the most promising blockchain and artificial intelligence startups.

The group’s family DNA and its corporate values ​​are valuable assets to provide the agility needed for the aviation industry’s long-term commitment.

The launch of the TBM 940, the newest member of the TBM series, exemplifies the success of the added value challenge. The TBM 940 features an automatic throttle and automatic de-icing system with the latest acquisition, processing solutions and shared flight data. 25 new aircraft have been ordered and delivered.

Enhanced expertise and integrated solutions for thermoplastic structural components As part of expanding its leadership in composite materials, particularly in the thermoplastics sector, Daher announced the acquisition of the KVE Composites Group to expand its technical capabilities in aircraft structural components.

With more than 20 years of experience and 7 patents, KVE Composites has accumulated a wealth of expertise in induction welding of thermoplastic composite parts. This process paves the way for a reduction in the number of rivets traditionally used in the assembly of fuselage structures by approximately 75%. In addition to a 15% weight reduction, the removal of some fasteners saves production and assembly time, resulting in immediate economic benefits. It has been proven in flight that this process is now used for several aircraft programs.

KVE Composites has two plants in the Netherlands and is widely regarded as the European Thermoplastics R&D Center. These facilities will further strengthen Daher’s engineering and production teams, and Daher is currently Europe’s leading supplier of thermoplastic components with a total of 160,000 components.

Daher CEO Didier Kayat added:

“This acquisition is fully consistent with the ongoing implementation of the strategic plan we launched last year, which aims to build Daher as a key stakeholder in the thermoplastic structural components market; a group that can provide customers with total solutions, from component development and Production to certification and installation. The acquisition of KVE Composites Group will accelerate our development efforts in more complex thermoplastic composite applications, providing our customers with increasingly effective solutions.”

Induction welding is a proprietary KVE process for joining (carbon) reinforced thermoplastic components.

These new materials and their associated technologies will become increasingly important in the aerostructure market as they effectively address the challenges of multiple manufacturers, including weight reduction, reduced consumption, increased productivity and ultimately aircraft competitiveness. In this way, Daher positions itself as the dominant force in the technology, and the technology is likely to be used in future major structural subcomponents. As an aircraft manufacturer and manufacturer itself, Daher intends to use this new technology to build modules that provide the best response to the problems faced by all customers. Thermoplastic composites also have intrinsic qualities that not only optimize the life of the part, but also optimize the use of the material. In fact,

Thermoplastic materials are recyclable and considerable progress has been made in resource conservation.

North American development and digital dynamics
In North America, the group recently launched new business opportunities with Airbus, Bombardier, Pratt and Witney Canada, and is now fully integrated into the Silicon Valley ecosystem to implement the Armstrong Innovation Program.

The rapid expansion and integration of disruptive digital technologies has also driven business growth. Daher has established a series of DeepTech partnerships to accelerate the early deployment of blockchain and artificial intelligence.