Connora Technologies and Aditya Birla Chemicals collaborate to develop recyclable composites

Connora Technologies and Aditya Birla Chemicals’ Epoxy Division announced a joint development agreement to expand the manufacture of Connora’s recyclable epoxy thermoset technology, Recycled, which is developing a metric-ton manufacturing process for this technology.

Connora Technologies, Inc. And the epoxy division of Aditya Birla Chemicals announced a joint development agreement to expand the production of Connora’s recyclable epoxy thermoset technology, Recyclamine. The two companies are currently developing a metric tonnage manufacturing process for Recyclamine, which was previously demonstrated during the pilot phase. Connora has developed a new proprietary amine synthesis platform for the manufacture of Recyclamines. Aditya Birla Chemicals, a leading multinational manufacturer of environmental resins and curing agents, is providing Connora with the infrastructure, capabilities and resources to expand and commercialize Recyclamine technology.

Dr. Rey Banatao, CEO of Connora, explained:

“As a start-up company, we have been working hard over the past few years to obtain certification from large, respected global manufacturing partners such as Aditya Birla Chemicals. They have decades of expanding production and sales of epoxy resins worldwide. Expertise, which is invaluable to Connora at this stage of technology commercialization.”

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Stefan Pastine added:

“From the beginning, we knew that chemistry must be designed to be industrially scalable, but this is not a small task. In fact, Aditya Birla Chemicals believes that our mission is to recycle thermoset plastics and are willing to invest in development, which is A huge verification.”

Polyamines are used in a variety of applications, from fuel additives and lubricants to crosslinkers in high performance thermosets such as epoxies or polyurethanes. Epoxy thermosets have traditionally been the material of choice for adhesives, coatings and lightweight materials in the electronics, aerospace, automotive, windmill and sporting goods industries. Connora’s Recyclamine synthesis platform provides a modular and fast chemical approach to the preparation of new polyamine molecules. Recyclamines’ unique patented properties enable them to produce cured resins that regenerate reusable thermoplastics for true “end-of-life” recycling and “zero waste manufacturing” in the thermoset composites industry.

Pradip Kumar Dubey, President of Aditya Birla Chemicals Epoxy Division, said:

“We have been focusing on Connora since the early days, because their technology may cause potential disruption to this industry that has not changed much in the past 30 years. Perhaps as compelling as the products that Recyclamine technology can provide for the industry, Connora Designed a new polyamine production platform with the same manufacturing-related toxicity or processing risks. Conventional amines used today in the epoxy industry.”

Effective recycling of composite materials should have a positive impact on the automotive and aerospace industries, with the trend toward lighter, stronger and more energy efficient vehicles driving the growth of carbon fiber composites. The composites industry report points out that today’s composites produce 5-40% of raw materials as scrap, so there are few options for recycling or reuse. By using Recyclamine to make composites more recyclable, it helps reduce the overall cost of composite manufacturing by re-integrating composite waste and reducing landfill costs.