Carbon fiber subway train debuts transparent windows available online

On the morning of September 25th, “Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Exhibition” was opened in Beijing, and a number of frontier rail transit scientific and technological achievements were unveiled. The carbon fiber subway train CETROVO released by China CRRC and the face recognition ticket gates being tested by Beijing Subway attracted Many visitors.

According to the organizer of the China Urban Rail Transit Association, as of the end of last year, 35 cities across the country have opened urban rail transit and operated 185 lines with a total length of more than 5,700 kilometers. Among them, Beijing rail transit passenger traffic is the highest, reaching 3.85 billion passengers.

Automated driving on Metro Line 3

On the 25th, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongzhou Zhuzhou Institute”) of China CRRC Group released a fully autonomous CBTC (communication-based train automatic control) signal system. Currently, the system supports a minimum 90-second departure interval with a parking accuracy of 99.999%. The CBTC signal system is a central control system that guarantees the normal operation of urban rail transit. It is a large-scale distributed real-time control system based on modern control, computer and communication technology. It is called the “brain” and “neural system” of urban rail transit operations.

According to Liu Kean, general manager of CSR’s Era Electric, in May this year, the Changsha Metro Line 4, which was provided by CZC’s CBTC signal system, was successfully opened for trial operation, refreshing the “industry speed” for the trial operation of less than 17 months. . After applying the fully autonomous CBTC developed by CZ Zhuzhou, the running performance of the Changsha Metro Line 4 train has been further improved. The system supports a minimum interval of 90 seconds, and the time of the train entering and leaving the vehicle is increased to less than 100 seconds. The degree can reach 99.999%.

In addition, China’s number one holding company, Casco Signals Co., Ltd. also released the “Full Automated Operation 2.0 System for Smart Metro”. According to reports, the Beijing Metro Line 3 currently under construction will use some of the functions of the system to achieve fully automatic driving. At present, Line 3 has started construction on the whole line, and it is expected to open trial operation in December 2021.

Carbon fiber trains lose 13%, average energy consumption drops 15%

On the 25th, CRRC Sifang also exhibited the more lightweight and energy-saving “Next Generation Subway” train CETROVO for domestic audiences. The car body is made of carbon fiber composite material and adopts lightweight technology such as frame. At the same time, it also has many functions such as driverless, intelligent air conditioner and active operation and maintenance. Currently, this type of train is undergoing in-plant testing in Guangzhou.

In the past decade or so, subway trains have become lighter and lighter, from the initial 20 tons to the current seven or eight tons. Compared with trains using traditional metal materials such as steel and aluminum alloy, the CETROVO subway train with carbon fiber composites has a weight reduction of 13%. It is estimated that the average energy consumption is reduced by 15% with the cooperation of a number of new energy-saving technologies.

In terms of intelligence, the train has many functions such as driverless, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent lighting, and active operation and maintenance. Stepping into the CETROVO train compartment, the first thing to see is a modular cab: the cab is integrated with the cabin, and passengers can stand at the front of the car and feel the speed of the subway train. The “Next Generation Subway” train has unmanned driving ability. In order to cope with unexpected situations, there is an alternate lifting screen in front of the dashboard of the driver’s cab, which can be switched to the manual driving mode at any time.

Transparent display windows are also installed on both sides of the train. It is also a touch-sensitive computer that can be connected to the Internet. It can realize various functions such as virtual scenes, browsing web pages, querying lines and other online services, media playback, advertisement presentation, etc. With thermal insulation.

Compared with the “straight-blowing” air outlets of subway trains in the past, the air outlets of the CETROVO train compartments are more dispersed and distributed in a ring shape. The on-site staff said that the train is equipped with a smart air conditioner, which can be automatically adjusted according to the set temperature to ensure that the passengers feel comfortable.