Jilin Petrochemical carbon fiber continuous sucker rod project passed the acceptance

On May 9th, the Jilin Petrochemical Company Carbon Fiber Factory reported that it was responsible for the “carbon fiber composite continuous sucker rod manufacturing technology development and oilfield application test” project, and the high quality passed the acceptance of the major technical field test project of China Petroleum Science and Technology Management Department.

The on-site experts and the acceptance committee gave high marks to the project, especially among the three major technical projects that participated in the evaluation, which scored the highest score of 92 points and were rated as excellent projects.

It is reported that the project has been listed as a major technical field test project of China National Petroleum Corporation, with the development of “carbon fiber composite continuous sucker rod manufacturing technology”, “carbon fiber continuous sucker rod special working machine” and “carbon fiber sucker rod production technology” Aiming at the target, the total investment is 36.64 million yuan, which is completed by Jilin Petrochemical Company, Xinjiang Oilfield Company and Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institute. It is the upstream and downstream integration project of China Petroleum. Jilin Petrochemical Carbon Fiber Factory is responsible for the continuous sucker rod manufacturing technology of carbon fiber composite materials. Develop sub-topics.

After 4 years of painstaking research, the project developed a set of domestic carbon fiber production sucker rod technology, and developed two new products of flat carbon fiber continuous rod and round carbon fiber continuous rod. The product specifications have met the design requirements, in line with SY/T6585- According to the 2003 standard, after 107 fatigue tests, the tensile strength retention rate is over 90%, and it can be operated for a long time under the working environment of 150 degrees Celsius, achieving continuous and stable production, and forming a carbon fiber composite continuous sucker rod manufacturing technology system. . At the same time, the company developed a special conversion joint, special centralizer and oil application software to manufacture a sample of 16,700 meters. The field production test of five wells was completed in the Lower Urhohe reservoir of the 8th district of Xinjiang Oilfield. The longest continuous operation of a single well 24 In the month, the average pumping depth was 2,786 meters. Before the test, the pump was 787 meters deeper, the average single well energy consumption was reduced by 35.1%, the ton liquid power consumption index decreased by 11.7 kWh, and the average single well daily production liquid volume was increased by 1.5 tons. 2 patents were granted for invention, 8 were accepted; 3 were granted utility model patents, 2 were accepted; 1 was technically secret.