Carbon fiber 3D noodles/fillers for filling triangular cavities

Biteam, Sweden’s innovative 3D weaving company, has developed a range of carbon fiber 3D “noodles” or filler preforms to overcome a recurring problem.

When two relatively curved laminates are placed adjacent to each other in the manufacture of the composite, it is inevitable to create a triangular or triangular cavity that needs to be properly filled. Current solutions such as the use of rolled fibers, braids and cutting reinforcements are not sufficient to stabilize the “created with laminate” structure and to prevent the build-up of unreinforced resin. In addition, they are actually not easy to handle and provide relatively low mechanical properties.

The newly developed dry 3D noodle/filler preforms can be tailored to the application, providing a stable cavity matching shape, good fit, resistance to delamination, wear-free and adaptability to different structural requirements such as bending. A product that has long been sought to accelerate the production of composite materials, improve performance, and reduce labor and inventory costs.