OrganoClick launches OrganoComp – a fully biodegradable biocomposite

OrganoClick uses its innovative fiber modification technology and production process to develop 100% bio-based, recyclable and fully biodegradable biocomposite OrganoComp.

Biocomposites are made from 3D molded biofibers, wheat bran and food waste. Today, Fredahl Rydéns, the largest supplier of funeral products in Northern Europe, is launching the funeral coffin Saga made by OrganoComp. Compared to traditional coffins, the strength of biocomposites reduces raw materials by 50% and weight from 40 kg to 20 kg.

With the launch of the burial coffin Saga, this marks the next step in a journey that began 10 years ago, when the development of OrganoComp has begun.

By using OrganoClick’s patented technology to engineer biofibers, a unique biocomposite was developed based on modified cellulosic fibers, wheat bran and biopolymers in food waste such as orange peel and shrimp shells. Using OrganoClick’s fiber modification technology, it is also possible to add properties such as fire resistance, strength and water resistance to the material. Biocomposites can be used in place of hard plastics such as polypropylene or particleboard containing a large amount of synthetic glue.

In order to manufacture large objects such as coffins, a new production technique for 3D molding of large fiber-based products has been developed which is inspired by the production process for molded pulp such as packaging. This has led to highly automated production of large and complex 3D shape products. Before the assembly to the final coffin, the coffin Saga produced only two pieces (the lid and the bottom).

OrganoComp is now implemented in two industrial applications. In addition to the burial coffin Saga, Baux, a leading supplier of acoustic products, has also introduced sound absorbing panels. New applications in pipelines include hazardous waste containers for hospitals, where OrganoComp is replacing polypropylene. Other future applications of OrganoComp include furniture, interior design and professional packaging.

“OrganoClick’s biocomposites are based on bionics research at Stockholm University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. By mimicking the chemical composition of nature and combining it with our unique fiber forming technology, we have developed robust materials that can be used For products with strict requirements such as coffins, the quality and surface smoothness are very high,” said Mr. MårtenHellberg. Co-founder of OrganoClick.

Coffin Saga and acoustic panels will now be produced continuously at the OrganoClick plant north of Stockholm, Sweden. The first production line can produce 50,000 burial coffins per year.