The new sportswear with BASF materials blends fashion and functionality into everyday life.

Sporty bras and leggings with BASF’s innovative materials FreeflexTM thermoplastic polyurethane and Elastoflex® polyurethane fibres provide unparalleled comfort and a more personal fit.

BASF at CHINAPLAS 2019: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Guangzhou, China); Booth No.: 11.2A41; Date: May 21 – 24

Guangzhou, China – May 10, 2019 – The new “Sports and Leisure” collection showcases how fibers made from BASF materials blend fashion and functionality into today’s sportswear. At CHINAPLAS 2019, BASF will present a new set of sportswear. BASF and the well-known fashion designers Shen Enzhen, Anta and Silueta jointly launched this set of clothing, aiming to provide users with excellent comfort and top performance, in line with the increasingly popular sports and leisure trend.

Angus Wardlaw, head of innovation team at ANUNC Group LAUNCH, said: “As consumers’ health and fashion awareness grows, the trend of sportswear for everyday wear is on the rise. Today’s global consumers need comfort. Perfectly combined with professional performance, it can meet the needs of multi-purpose sportswear. Together with BASF, we created this new sports equipment to meet the above needs of consumers and integrate sportsmanship into everyone’s daily life. A consumer-focused company, Anta has been committed to creating the most innovative sportswear for consumers by exploring new technologies and delivering industry-leading innovations.”

The sportswear that this launch includes sports bras made from BASF’s FreeflexTM thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and Elastoflex® polyurethane (PU) fibers, as well as leggings made from Freeflex. The seamless fabric used in apparel is suitable for all body types and has excellent moisture wicking properties.

Manfred Pawlowski, vice president of the Asia Pacific Consumer Products Industry Division of BASF’s Specialty Materials Division, said: “Although the sports and leisure apparel market has broad prospects, the competition is fierce. Product differentiation is the key to success, which means that companies must focus on brand promotion and innovation. In this joint sportswear, we perfectly combine the superior performance and technology of fashion, functionality and Freeflex materials to meet these requirements.”

High-strength support comfortable sports bra

The innovative materials and flexibility of BASF’s innovative materials used in sports bras provide good gathering and support in all types of sports without compromising wearing comfort.

Sileuta CEO Ranesh Handunnethi said: “Consumers pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing sports bras: comfort, tightness, weight, durability and support. These are the focus of our cooperation.” Sileuta It is a leading supplier of molded breast pads for underwear garment manufacturers in the region, and is committed to continuously improving the process and providing customers with quality products and services.

Sileuta’s new injection molding process maintains the cost advantage of bra foam while offering the same or higher performance than traditional thermal foaming processes.

New fashion tights ensure a refreshing dry day

As an award-winning designer, Shen Enyi is known for his avant-garde streetwear design. In this design, she comprehensively considers the aesthetic needs of consumers for the new sportswear, and finally chose neutral color as the main color of the tights, making it easy to match, suitable for all occasions.

“I chose BASF Freeflex because of its smooth feel and excellent performance. It keeps the body cool and dry, while at the same time being easy to care for. It is extremely flexible and suitable for all kinds of fashion.” Body shape.” Seven Crash is known for its innovative use of advanced materials, and the latest collection “Quantus” was shown at New York Fashion Week.