Anisoprint introduces basalt fiber for continuous fiber 3D printing

Anisoprint (Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg) is a manufacturer of continuous carbon fiber 3D printers and materials and recently introduced a basalt fiber composite for 3D printing.

According to the company, this material is 15 times stronger than plastic when applied to 3D printing technology, 5 times lighter than steel and 1.5 times stronger than aluminum. It is also said to significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

Because basalt fiber is also radio-transparent, Anisoprint says parts made from basalt fiber composites do not significantly alter the amplitude and phase of the RF waves transmitted through them, making them ideal for non-conductive components and isolators.

Anisoprint’s technology involves coextrusion with continuous composite fibers of thermoplastic polymers and can change fiber orientation, volume ratio and material density.