FRP panel advantages

1.Long Service Life: traditional iron trailer panels will serve about 6 or 7 years, but FRP trailer panels with wood core inside can serve for about 15-20 years.
2.Damage Treatment: traditional iron trailer panels won’t be easy to repair after damage, but glass fiber reinforced plastic is combined with fiber resin and gel coat, it has smooth surface and good aging resistance, in case of damage, it can be repaired with special technique back to life like it’s all new.
3.Performance: traditional iron carriage plate is lack of acid and alkali resistance and easy to rust, while glass fiber reinforced plastic gel coat flat sheet has the performance of acid and alkali resistance.
4.Low Mass: Traditional iron trailer panels weight 23kg/㎡, but conventional 21mm trailer panels weight just 16kg/㎡, help van  drivers to save both gasoline and money, and improve the quality of goods at the same time.