Aachen University of Technology develops a process for producing mineral fibers using lunar rocks

Abstract: The Textile Technology Institute of the Aachen University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as ITA) has developed a process that can directly use the rock to produce fibers on the moon without carrying materials from the earth.

Many countries have considered setting up a site on the moon, using the moon as a raw material source, turning it into a research and development base, exploring the solar system’s springboard, and a tourist destination. However, the cost of transporting materials from the Earth to the Moon is very high, with a cost of 1 million Euros per kilogram. To build a site on the surface of the moon, you need to transport at least 450 tons of things.

ITA’s solution is to produce directly on the moon. Many of the rocks on the moon are similar to basalt, and ITA has developed a process that uses lunar rocks to produce mineral fibers. Through its “Lunar Fiber” equipment, ITA can use the lunar rock to produce reinforcing fibers on-site and use the fibers produced to make three-dimensional structural parts and build lunar stations. This method of ITA has been supported by the German Aerospace Center (DLR).