90 meters! Dongfang Wind Power Co., Ltd. independently researched China’s longest blade off the assembly line

On June 27, Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. has completely independent intellectual property rights, and the first domestic 10MW power class B900A blade is off the assembly line of Tianjin Blade Company. The blade is 90 meters long and is the largest wind power and longest wind power in China.

The B900A blade adopts advanced airfoil with excellent aerodynamic performance. The overall shape of the blade is swept back, which is beneficial to reduce the load by increasing the torsional deformation of the blade under high wind conditions. The main girder cap uses carbon fiber material with excellent performance to effectively reduce the weight of the blade and Load; lightning protection system designed according to IEC first-level lightning protection level standard, using double-circuit lightning current channel, through the full-scale simulation analysis and physical testing of the blade lightning protection system, verifying the reliability of lightning protection, effectively reducing the lightning strike of the blade risk. The blade has the characteristics of excellent aerodynamic performance, low load, high reliability and good comprehensive performance.

The successful launch of the B900A blade indicates that Dongfang Wind Power has fully developed the R&D, design and manufacturing capabilities of high-power offshore wind turbine blades, which will effectively promote the development of offshore wind power in China.