Coated FRP sheets making machine mainly used for the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic sheets automatically and continuously  in a continuous thin layer. The main function of gel coat resin is to decorate the surface of glass fiber reinforced plastic products and protect the structural layer. Gel coat resin has good mechanical properties, toughness, high gloss, water resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and other properties. In order to improve the weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties of FRP products, and then extend the service life. With the many characteristics and advantages of FRP rubber-coated tiles, FRP tiles are replacing traditional colored steel tiles.

The following pictures are the process of producing FRP gel coat tiles by Tiantuo Machinery intelligent gel coat equipment. Our best Machines can produce the sheets with the smoothest gel coat. The key to produce such FRP sheets is the perfect compound of gel coat coating on the surface of FRP sheets without any bubbles or wrinkles. With many years of equipment manufacturing experience, we can efficiently and intelligently produce high-quality rubber-coated sheets Some important components on the equipment, such as PLC, pump, yarn cutter, temperature control system and cutting system, all are of best quality Our brand is durable, which guarantees the efficient production of equipment, low failure rate, and also protects the interests of customers. This is why many lighting tile manufacturers choose Tiantuo Machinery.